Get to know Beth Cox

CRR Beth headshot

Beth Cox

Office Manager

Beth Cox is the Office Manager at Cornerstone Retirement Resources and the wife of Chris Cox. Beth ensures the Cornerstone office runs smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis and helps maintain Cornerstone as a warm and inviting place for all.

Beth grew up in a small town of 500 people, in Hoven, South Dakota, where she was the youngest of seven children. A tough farm girl who learned compassion through life’s complicated trials, Beth quickly realized how money affected almost everything. From foreclosure to fortune, Beth watched her father work hard on their farm to make a name for himself and his family. (To them, “fortune” simply meant running a successful, happy and healthy farm.) Determined to make a name for herself as well, Beth moved to the big city of Sioux Falls, where she began her teaching career in elementary education.

Beth married Chris in 1995 and eventually stayed home to raise their two children. After moving to Arizona in 2007, Beth started her “chauffeur career” driving her growing kids around Tucson for school, sports, dance, music lessons and then some. When driver’s licenses and graduations eventually came around, Beth was eager to get back into the work field. The timing lined up perfectly for Cornerstone, and both Beth and Chris felt drawn to bring her orderly and managerial skills to the family business. She had already established great connections with Chris’ clients through years and years of Holiday Events and previously helped Chris in the office while he was starting up in Sioux Falls. Beth became full time at Cornerstone in 2019 and contributes greatly to the success of the office. Because of what she learned throughout her childhood, Beth is passionate about helping people protect their hard-earned money and is dedicated to keeping Cornerstone a company of integrity.

Outside of the office, Beth loves reading, music and organizing. She’s very proud of her husband, Chris, and their two children. Daily, Beth can be seen walking their two dogs, Oliver and Jax, along the beautiful Oro Valley mountains.


Favorite quote: “It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice.” – John Templeton

What are you most proud of: Certainly, I am proud of my kids and my husband, but I am also proud that I continue to learn and grow daily. I want to be a better version of me today than I was yesterday.

Who is your role model: My parents. They are the simplest people I have ever met. They choose to make the most out of nothing. To this date, they live in a small town (I’m talking 500 friendly people). The tolerance and forgiveness they portray on almost a daily basis is inspirational to me.

Hidden talent/interest: I have great spatial relations skills. I don’t get to use them often, but when I do, it involves the home and moving furniture in strange angles into awkward spaces. I am also able to cram a lot of stuff into a small space. I would say it comes in handy when we travel! I should note that, because of these skills, I should always be the one packing the vehicle!

What do you love most about your job at Cornerstone: Every day is unique and special. I get to talk to the most interesting and smart people, and I really enjoy our clients and their stories.