Get to know Leah Kari, AMR, FHIAS


Leah Kari, AMR, FHIAS

Medicare Insurance Products

38844 South Moonwood Dr.

Tucson, AZ 85739

Cell: 520-484-3807

Fax: 520-306-5114


Leah is a licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare products. As a senior, she remembers well when she became eligible for Medicare and being concerned about understanding how Medicare would provide her health care. In her personal time, through self-study, Leah earned the distinction of Advanced Medical Representative from the CMR Institute in Virginia. She has also recently earned the designation of Fellow, Health Insurance Studies. She is committed to bringing ethics and excellence to her clients as she explains all options for accessing health care through their Medicare benefits with full transparency.

As a licensed life and health insurance agent in Arizona since 2013, Leah saw an unmet need: providing complete information to people eligible for, or already on, Medicare. She constantly heard, “Nobody told me” about penalties and pitfalls that can occur if one hasn’t been advised of all their options and responsibilities as a Medicare beneficiary. Leah serves as an advocate and problem-solver for her clients after enrollment and is the first line of defense in matters requiring attention with her clients’ plans.

A Midwesterner and graduate of Northeastern Illinois University in 1969, Leah began her sales career with British Airways in 1972. Throughout her 14-year career, she developed a love of problem-solving and derived great satisfaction from providing her clients with a very high level of customer service.

After eight years at home as a wife and mother, Leah launched a new sales career with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Los Angeles. Calling on doctors in hospitals and specialists’ offices daily with a portfolio of seven prescription drugs, she learned how Medicare coverage works, how care is delivered and what it can cost if uncontained. In her personal time, through self-study, Leah earned the distinction of Certified Medical Representative from the CMR Institute in Virginia.

Leah writes a series of articles for the local senior newspapers, is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, is happily married and enjoys performing in community theatre in Tucson.